Saturday, 10 July 2010

How does increasing work?

There are various things that can increase but they all start from one place - our intention. Things wont increase if our attitude is one of apathy, closed ears, despondency or complacency. So this section is a combination of rousing articles and articles of a second kind.

Once we have increased things it is important that all our work isn't undone by unskillful behaviour. If peoples faith is growing and the following of Buddhas teachings is increasing, then something keeps happening to those people so they end up finding that they cannot stay in the tradition even though they want to, we need to identify what is causing this obstacle & if there is anything we can do to reduce the amount this happens to people. It is seen as bad religious practice to make a person stay who doesn't want to but many people who do leave say that they were at odds with certain things that were not Dharma but practical things and then became emotional. In other words they wanted to stay & tried to for a long time, because they love so many things about the tradition. This second type of obstacle to increasing is also dealt with in the other sections.

Here the articles will mainly deal with the overcoming the first type of obstacle to increasing. A lack of motivation.

Addressing apathy
Increasing - The Bucket Analogy
Rapid Growth and Expansion
Increasing Volunteers